Many people would argue that it is difficult to find a truly pure cat. However, each cat in it’s own way is extremely pure. In Egyptian times, all cats were worshiped. Why are not all cats considered holy anymore?

This cat is an example of a cat no longer considered holy. He thinks about not being holy every day, even if is for only 43 seconds. He wishes that he continued to live in the dry desert, to be a living god. But he lives a life far from that wish, for he is merely a house cat strayed from the sandy paradise he considers his old home.

I feel like it is important to say that your cat most likely feels the same way as him. They would tell you how much of a blessing it would be to be taken to the desert; to be set free. Though, as hard as they try, cats can not communicate with humans, and can not tell you their wish to live in the lands where they were worshiped once again.

PURE CATS is now accepting requests for cats. If you wish to request a cat, please leave a comment with what breed of cat you wish to have featured on the site, and a PURE CAT post will be up for them as soon as possible.


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