This site may have come off as a shrine to only worship Ragdolls. However, as I have mentioned in previous PURE CAT posts, all cats are pure and should be worshiped just like they had been in Egyptian times.

To expand the breeds of cats on PURE CATS, you may leave a comment on any post with what breed of cat you wish to have featured, and a PURE CAT post will be created as soon as possible for that cat.


One thought on “REQUEST CATS

  1. Can you do something on Tabby Cats? My mom’s aunt has one and it is such a character! Thanks in advance for doing something with Tabby Cats. Black and Orange are my fave. Do you like them? I am not even sure if a Tabby is a type of cat. But that’s what my mom’s aunt always says her cat is so that is how I know about Tabby’s. I got to brush it once with the cat brush and he purred a lot. I wish he was my cat. My mom said if her aunt dies before the cat that we might be able to take it. I hope that happens soon. My mom said I would have to get a paper route to pay for the cat food and stuff. My brother’s friend has the paper route I want right now, so it might take awhile for that to happen, but my brother said that his friend’s Dad was in a car accident so he might have to give up his route to look after his dad for awhile. So if everything works out I might have a cat and paper route soon. I love your site!!!


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