He sits on a balcony and stares below. He can almost see it. The desert.

Tabby cats are generally considered a fairly common cat, and perhaps not the most pure. Pure as in purebred. Purebred is an unfair label given to cats by humans. Purebred cats are treated the closest to how a cat in the Egyptian times was treated. So of course a Tabby would long the most for a life in the desert.

However, it is strange, because many Tabbies are purebred, yet are seemingly not treated like one (though cats in the first place should not be treated differently by whether or not they are strictly only one breed). What I am trying to tell you is that the “purebred” label on cats should be removed, because due to this label, certain cats are being treated less like a god.

(for John McSmith and their request for a Tabby Cat PURE CAT post)

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